We know that you are bombarded with ads from large insurance companies all the time. Should you buy term life insurance or perm? What is the difference between the two? To answer these and many other life insurance related questions, you must first identify the reasons you are purchasing it in the first place. Most commonly people purchase life insurance to relieve the financial burden from their loved ones in the event of their death.  Regardless of a family’s income stream, losing even one income source can have a significant impact on a family’s lifestyle, not to mention future plans such as education for the children.  Life insurance needs vary depending on the family’s objectives along with your personal and financial needs and goals.  Moreover, as your life changes, your life insurance coverage may need to be adjusted to adapt to your new needs.  It is important is to take the time to understand the different types of life insurance and the roles they play in future planning.  The Townsend Insurance Group will work with you to discuss all of the various options available to you and to identify the one that best suits your needs.

Your Personal Insurance Advisors from the Townsend Insurance Group will help you in the evaluation, design, implementation, and ongoing monitoring of all of your life insurance protection.  situation.

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This online calculator is a great tool to use as a guideline to see how much life insource you may need.

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    Your car insurance may NOT cover theft of items from inside your car.


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    Two out of three U.S. homes are vastly underinsured


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