Did you know that a snowmobile is generally not covered by homeowners or automobile policies, and you need a separate policy for all your recreational vehicles? Townsend Insurance Group can help! We have the expertise to guide you to the right policies to protect all of your personal recreation vehicles, from snowmobiles in winter to boats in the summer, and everything in between.

Types of snowmobile insurance coverage

  • Liability insurance
    • Causing — or even being involved in —  a snowmobile accident can be harrowing. Liability coverage applies toward injury to others, as well as property damage bills when you’re at fault in an incident. Our advice is, get as much liability protection as you can comfortably afford to best protect your savings. Having ample liability insurance can help you ride a bit more confidently.
  • Medical payments coverage
    • With medical payment coverage, both your passengers and you can obtain assistance in covering snowmobile-related injuries.
  • Comprehensive and collision coverage
    • Top-of-the-line snowmobiles can cost more than $15,000, and protecting that investment is a priority. Comprehensive and collision coverage can help repair damage from a crash or replace a stolen snowmobile
  • (Transport trailer physical damage coverage)
    • You can’t always hit the trails without traveling there first. Transport trailer insurance can cover up to $10,000 for your transport trailer when you get comprehensive and collision coverage .
  • Towing and labor coverage
    • Towing and labor coverage can help get your snowmobile to a service shop if it breaks down within 100 feet of the roadway.
  • Optional equipment coverage
    • If you use your snowmobile for work, you’ll want reliable coverage for items such as cargo racks, saddle bags, and gripper skis. But even if your vehicle is all about recreation, you probably have your own gear and apparel and to keep your ride fun and safe.
    • With many snowmobile policies, you get $3,000 for accessories automatically when you buy comprehensive coverage or comprehensive and collision coverage. And if you need more, you can go as high as $30,000.
    • Note: Formatting is whacky on this doc. I kept the bullets for visuals but obviously needs to be reformatted.
    • so do they need both transport AND comprehensive coverage to be protected?  the sentence reads that way now so if so, i’d make the transport a bullet under comprehensive.

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