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Does Your Septic Contractors Insurance Coverage Stink?

Septic contractors face unique exposures and require specific insurance coverages. Unfortunately, many contractors complete their work every day without these coverages in place, leaving them liable in the event that an incident occurs. In some cases, an under-covered contractor who has saved a few dollars on their monthly insurance premiums could actually be liable for tens of thousands of dollars in damages.

Townsend Insurance Group specializes in septic system cleaning and repair insurance programs. We will spend the time necessary with you to understand your business and then design a plan that will protect your business for coverages dealing with:

1. Loss of Income: We know that your truck is your livelihood and, if it can’t be used for a significant amount of time, that could cause and financial hardship for your business. Loss of income coverage compensates you for the money you can’t make while that vehicle is out of commission.

2. Professional Liability Coverage: If you are installing, designing or inspecting septic systems, you need this coverage. If there are any issues with the design, installation or inspection of the system that your business is involved with, this part of the Septic Contractors policy comes to your defense.

3. Pollution Coverage: Your business loads, transports and then unloads pollutants – it’s just a part of a “day in the life” of a septic contractor. If something were to happen to those materials in any phase of that process, how would that affect your business? Townsend Insurance Group understands that risk and will work with you to develop a plan to provide coverage in case of unanticipated discharge.

4. Employment Practices Liability: If one of your employees were to bring charges of discrimination, wrongful termination or even sexual harassment, how would you defend yourself against those charges? As part of your overall protection plan, we will cover this important coverage and present a variety of options for you to include in your insurance plan.

As a licensed and independent insurance agency – and fellow small business owner – Townsend Insurance Group understands your unique needs as a septic system cleaning and repair contractor. You need a partner that protects against these various liabilities and can clearly answer your questions about coverage. Our promise is to work with you to understand your unique insurance needs, develop a plan for the long-term protection of your business and then provide exceptional customer service – all at the very best value available. Contact us today and we’ll get your insurance smelling like a rose!

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