Set Sail for a Stress-Free Summer

Summer means boats. It means the cool relief of sea spray on your skin and the particular taste and smell of saltwater in the air.

At least, that’s what it means for those of us in the Northeast.

And just as you’d never think of heading out onto the water without a lifejacket, you should never set sail without the proper coverage for your watercraft.

Unfortunately, many boat owners assume their sailboats, motorboats and jet skis are covered under their homeowner’s insurance policies.

This is a mistake.

Many homeowners’ insurance policies have a watercraft exclusion, depending on the size of the boat, and whether or not it has a motor. Boaters should absolutely consult their policies to understand what is covered – and what isn’t.

Supplemental boaters’ insurance coverage is available. Townsend Insurance Group can help.  Call us at 978.720.8005