Specialized 911 Restoration Insurance Policies

Over the past three years, it has been a privilege to partner with many 911 Restoration franchise owners. Through our one-on-one personalized services, the Townsend Insurance Group has been able to provide competitive pricing and enhanced coverage for a number of 911 Restoration owners across the US. As a byproduct of this personalized service, we have developed a deep understanding of the day-to-day operations of 911 Restoration owners and the specialized policies you require.

Read on for testimonials from a number of 911 Restoration owners and managers. If you are interested in a personalized quote or free consultation, please fill out the form on the bottom of this page or email Townsend Insurance Group President Court Townsend directly at cjt@townsendinsgroup.com. We look forward to working with you!



Yoav Gueron (911 Restoration – Portland, OR)

“I have worked with several different insurance agents on my 911 Restoration, Inc. needs both in Oregon and in Utah.

I have nothing but good things to say about Court. He always return back to me when I need some certification. His pricing was so competitive that even after I shared it with my old agents even he said to me go with him as he cant compete.

But more then that, I truly feel like I have some one who really got my back and can guide, explain, and support when I need it.

I know it is a hassle to get a real quote as it takes to email a few files, DON’T BE LAZY! Take the time get your tailor made quote and see for yourself.”


Leah Quist (911 Restoration – Orange County, CA)

“I have been working with Court at Townsend Insurance Group Since July of 2016 and I have to say it has been a pleasure. In my career, I have worked with many agents in the comp and benefits side and also the liability side. Court is able to handle both sides of the business with ease and grace. He is knowledgeable, works to get you the best insurance at the best price while keeping you informed of where the process is.

Once he has secured your policies, he is available for questions, and to complete the dreaded Insurance Certificates. And in our line of work we are asking for these often, he is right there and turns them around for us. We are on the West Coast and in a different time zone but he is always available if need.

He is truly one of the main assets in our business and I would recommend him and Townsend Insurance to anyone that is looking for a broker that goes above and beyond.”


Nae Barraza (911 Restoration – San Diego, CA)

“During the year of 2017-2018, I had a couple of issues regarding the status of two claims with the insurance carrier we had at the time. I was referred to CJ Townsend who immediately helped our branch out. We were not clients of his but, because we were part of the 911 Restoration Franchise, he helped me out. Not only did he not bill me for his time, he spoke to me for over an hour, on a Sunday, taking time away from his personal life to make my professional life easier. Even though the news was not what I wanted to hear, he was both professional and gave me guidance as to what to do next. The only thing he asked was when I renewed to give him the opportunity to quote our policy for insurances.

During the next 9 months, we had a couple of very minor fender benders that totaled less than $3,000.00 overall in damages. Our policies went sky high. We were told to expext an increase of 33-50% of just the autos alone. We were setting ourselves up for the rate increase and even getting outside quote ourselves just to see if we could find better rates. CJ appeared and reminded me he was going to quote me. I was like “Do your best”, with absolutely no faith it could be done.

Not only did he quote our company, BUT he came back in 25% less than we were already paying. This was not 25% less than we were expecting, but 25% less than we were already paying. We were saving money! His original quote had one policy higher than I liked so he re-ran the numbers to get them all down and they decreased to where it was a no-brainer who we were going to go with.

I also want to point out how patient he is. I had a dozen different scenarios as to what types of insurances I truly needed for equipment, office, supplies, vehicles. If something happened and we got robbed, our trailer got stolen, the building caught on fire, are we protected? Do we have enough coverage? How can you help me to protect our business? He never got frustrated, he always had an answer and if he did not; he found one for me in a timely manner. If ever I was going to recommend a business it would be his, and I would be referring you to his business because of the honest and ethical work he does.”

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