It’s a word that has been synonymous with the Townsend family name since 1931, when Townsend Energy was established. Over the years, Townsend Energy customers have come to rely on the Townsend family of employees with all of their energy needs. They trust Townsend Energy in their homes, often unattended. They trust what the Townsend Energy expert technicians tell them, and what their home comfort specialists recommend to them. And, they trust Townsend Energy to help them manage the overall energy costs in their homes and businesses.  Above all, they trust the Townsend name and it has often been referred to as “The Townsend Way.”

And now, the Townsend Family is proud to extend that same level of trust to a myriad of personal and business insurance products including auto, home, and personal umbrella policies.

Led by CJ Townsend, a 4th generation Townsend Family member, the Townsend Insurance Group offers a personal, one-on-one approach much different than what the large insurance companies offer, and it’s this individualized attention that sets us apart from our competition. We view ourselves as your partner, and will review your policies on an annual basis to make sure you have the right insurance in place at the best prices available.  And every client of the Townsend Insurance Group will receive the same exceptional customer service the community has come to expect from the Townsend family name.

The Townsend Insurance Group is your Personal Insurance Advisor, ready to serve you round the clock.

So call us today to begin experiencing the Townsend Insurance Group difference tomorrow, and let the same name that is trusted by so many others guide you to the right insurance products to protect you, your family, and your business. You’ll be glad you did.