Tips to Insure Your Pool for Summer Fun

A quick dip in your backyard pool can take the edge off a summer heat wave as fast as you can say, “cannonball!”

But just as quickly, your summer dreams can turn into nightmares when one of your guests gets injured poolside. Unfortunately, on average, 45,000 people are injured in pool related incidents every year. Worse, 300 fatalities occur annually due to drowning.

If you’re like many homeowners, you might think you’re already covered for such circumstances. But in fact, your homeowners’ policy might only provide partial coverage. For instance, the typical insurance policy pays out $100,000 for a civil claim.

But you can increase your coverage for very little extra out of pocket. A stand-alone umbrella policy for homeowners with pools can offer around one million dollars in payout damages in the event claims are made against you and your family.

Why take the risk?

Make sure you and your family is insured against unforeseen and unfortunate pool related accidents, so that you can spend your summers worry-free, exactly as they’re meant to be.